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Chloe Leibowitz - Chloe Leibowitz
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Chloe Leibowitz

This Is Me

Hi, I’m Chloe. An experienced Life Coach and Nutrition Adviser, I’m also a Wife, Mum, Stepmum, Daughter, Friend, Sister….this list goes on! Life is busy and fast-paced, and over the years I continue to learn invaluable tools and techniques to keep things happy, healthy, as stress free as possible, and importantly for me, fulfilling.



My mission through my coaching is simply to Inspire my clients, and to give them the guidance and tools to make the change they want to see. My own experience, as well as my professional Coaching qualifications, have proved invaluable, enabling me to inspire my clients through live workshops, face-to-face or online programmes and speaking at events.



Life is about making progress – not perfection. I know that by adopting one new habit, by repeating it day after day until it sticks, you will make progress. Some people can tackle larger changes, others can’t, and that’s just fine. Let me ask you the questions that help you find your way and get excited about the future.

CHLOE LEIBOWITZ - this is me

My new venture as an Ambassador for The Business Girls Network.


Just a year ago I was working away at my business, feeling somewhat lonely, and wondering who on earth to talk to about what I do, how to get my message out, how to learn how to do the stuff I had no clue about….the list goes on.


I had put myself off Networking events because the ones I had been to left me feeling flat, and lacking confidence because I felt under pressure to “sell myself” and what I did. I thought the aim was to find clients, and the energy of many groups felt flat and didn’t really have a vibe that lifted me up.

When I found The Business Girls on-line, I lurked in the shadows for a while, feeling too nervous to join in. Now, I’m a fairly confident person, I’m lively and enjoy meeting people – so it was hard to be feeling so stuck and holding back. Eventually I bit the bullet and booked to go along to a Business Girls meet up – it was AMAZING!! Lively, high-energy, informative – best of all, I met some fantastic women, who were super friendly and supportive.


Long story short, I fully embraced the group and have reaped the benefits. I no longer feel lonely, I feel like I have a team of women supporting me and encouraging me in my efforts with my business.

CHLOE LEIBOWITZ - business girls meet ups
business girls meet ups

I know some of you reading this will be working away on your own local businesses, and I wanted to let you know that this support is out there. On Wednesday 16th May I will be hosting my Launch Event at Marlow Rowing Club – 9.30-11.30am! If you’ve been hiding in the shadows, or not knowing how to get out there and feel supported – or let people know what you do – please come along!! I’m on a mission to draw out those nervous networkers, and show them how much can be gained by braving that area outside your comfort zone.


This is the link to book tickets: Henley & Marlow Business Girls LAUNCH