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5 Tips to Pimp Your Reviewing and Planning!

5 Tips to Pimp Your Planning

Planning, Planning, Planning – Love it or Loath?


I’m a definite Planner – why? Because otherwise I would lose the plot and forget everything I actually need to do, just reacting to everything incoming! That definitely leads to the headless chicken feeling – not something I enjoy – hello raised stress levels!


Here are 5 tips to help you get your reviewing and planning down and make it work for you!


  • Find an organisational system that works for you. I go for a Bullet Journal because it allows me to keep everything in one place – diary / to-do’s / projects / business / personal – everything!! If you use it for your reviewing and planning as well you can do it on the run or wherever you are.



  • Choose when to plan. It’s the same as everything, if we don’t plan the planning, it doesn’t happen!! It’s part of my routine to get my very brief planning in at the end of each workday – literally this takes less than 5 minutes to review how the day went and my most important tasks for the next day. At the end of week I get a bit more in depth, but it still doesn’t take me more than about 10-15 minute to plan out the rough shape of the following week. At the end of month I look forward to a much more thorough review of the past month, what didn’t work, what was great, and what I’m working towards. I take this opportunity to set my Word for the Month and keep it in mind throughout!


  • Use reviewing to your advantage. Yes you want to see what you still need to do – but always end the review phase with a list of your achievements that day, week or month – feel the positivity and congratulate yourself on jobs well done.


  • Notice tasks that keep getting put off or passed from day to day / week to week…..why are you not doing them? Is there a fear stopping you? Do you not have time? Does it need to be delegated? Does it actually not need to be done


  • When reviewing and planning be clever with your use of time. Are there appointments you don’t need or want to keep? Can you time your tasks so you don’t let them drag on for much longer than needed? Can you allot yourself specific social media times to avoid the “I’ll just have a little look for 5 minutes” that turn into an hour?



If you’re struggling to get yourself organised and stick to a system, remember it’s about Progress not Perfection. Pick one thing that would help your planning and productivity and go with that for a few weeks. Set yourself reminders to do that new action so you can get one habit licked before you start on the next one.


If you’re interested in learning more about Bullet Journals, click here to see details about my regular Workshops.


Happy Planning peeps!


Chloe xx


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