Chloe Leibowitz

Life Coaching

A coaching relationship is priceless when it comes to people getting unstuck.

There are many reasons you might seek out a coach, and it’s a valuable process if you want to make progress in any areas of your life.

Sometimes, things can feel overwhelming. Or scary. We don’t know which move to make. Perhaps our confidence, or lack of it, stops us from doing anything at all and that leads to frustration and despondency as we know, deep down, there’s so much we want to do, if only we could speak up.

Life is about balance, and often Life Coaching can help to address that balance and bring things back into focus. It allows you to find some clarity, to create a clear vision for where you want your life to go and how you want it to look.

It’s also important to understand why you want these things. What will it give you? What will it free you from? What will it take away? How much do you want it?

For us to feel truly fulfilled and happy, we sometimes need to do things differently. Having a coach gives you great accountability, and can be the trigger that’s needed to propel you forward.

Read about how I work with my clients here, or click here to get in touch for an initial consultation.

Business Coaching

I am a coach, who is also a Mum of 5 and runs two businesses. I’ve learnt a lot over the years, and my business has brought many other business owners to me for coaching.

Our lives and our businesses need direction. They need planning and goal setting. We need to act on those goals. We need to check in that we’re making the right decisions, that those decisions align with our values and make us happy and comfortable with what we’re doing.
We also need to keep the balance. We need to look after ourselves first and foremost, otherwise that business success is much harder to come by.

If you want to sharpen your business focus, create better balance in your life, get more organised, unleash the confidence to go for what you really want and deserve and create a vision for the future that has you leaping out of bed in the morning, coaching for you and your business can give you that new lease on life. Click here to see how I work , and click here to book a free consultation with me. Contact Us

How I Work

I work with individuals who want to create change in their life. They know they want to do things differently, they just need to find some clarity and gain accountability.

I have a very practical approach to coaching, and areas I particularly enjoy helping clients with are:

There’s no “one size fits all” approach with my coaching. I offer a free initial consultation, with no obligation to continue, so that I can ascertain if and how I can help you, and whether we can form a good connection and working relationship. I then advise on the amount of sessions I believe will be helpful, and encourage clients to book a course of sessions to embed real, positive changes.

I can conduct face to face coaching sessions at my practise in Hurley, Berkshire (near Marlow, Maidenhead and Henley), or alternatively, coaching via phone or video call is highly effective.

As well as my private coaching practise, I’m also co-founder of We Are Tabono. Tabono supports small business owners through a members community, coaching and mentoring, networking and coworking events. At Tabono we also provide training and workshops for individuals and organisations, with many corporate workshops available. 

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