Chloe Leibowitz

Chloe Leibowitz


Did you know that only around 3 to 5% of the worlds’ population set goals? And did you know that people who set goals are 50% more likely to achieve what they want than those that don’t?
What makes you feel motivated to get on and make your changes? Who or what drives you forward? And, of course, what is it that you want to be driven to achieve? Once you know what it is you want, the goal setting can begin.
In my mission to help you be the very best version of you, I want to make you aware that the first step will always be your thoughts, how you voice things, your attitude and what you are attracting back by what you put out there.

So get things clear in your head first. Work out exactly what it is you want to move forward with. Put it down on paper – getting things out of your head and written down is always a powerful exercise, and allows you to really make sure you want the goals that are buzzing around in your head.

Another fabulous way of putting those goals down on paper is to create a ‘vision board’ – a visual road map of the future you are aiming for. Vision boards are hugely beneficial for remembering WHY you are working towards those goals, and for inspiring you to keep going and pushing forward. They can include pictures, words, photographs, anything that captures what you are reaching for and reminds you WHY you want it when you look at it.
So, once you have that vision, and you are sure you want those goals (a good way to check they are what you want is whether you want to get on with them – if you don’t, why not?), it’s time to set about making it happen, and the first step is to set some, or a goal(s).
How do you set goals? When you set a goal you want it to excite you, but not overwhelm you to the point where you’re too scared to do anything. The first step is to create that big end goal and then work backwards with some journey goals and break it down so that you can see a step by step journey to make that big goal attainable.

Your task now is to:
1. Get that vision out of your head and onto paper, or Pinterest, or whatever format works for you. Don’t do it and hide it away or leave it unseen. Put it somewhere prominent – mine is always right next to my bed so I see it morning and night, it’s the backdrop of my laptop and my phone. The more you see it and breathe it, the more you will draw it all towards you.
2. Create a brilliant, positively stated goal that you can write and say every day and you can actually convince yourself that you are already there, just working away at making happen! For instance: “I am happy and confident in my own skin. My health and fitness are flourishing and my business is gaining momentum every day”.
3. Break that goal down and create some small, journey goals to help you get there. The first journey goal for my example above might be “I have created an excellent eating plan for the next 7 days”.
Have fun with it! Imagine exactly how it feels to reach those goals – how will you feel? How will life look? How badly do you want it? How committed are you? If you are not totally committed, why?

If you’re raring to get started with some goal setting, and you wonder just how much a Life Coach can boost your progress and success, then get in touch. I offer a complimentary initial exploration session so you can find out more, just click here ‘get started’.
Chloe xx

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