DON’T COMPARE - Chloe Leibowitz
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Chloe Leibowitz - Motivation: dont-compare


Often the goals we set ourselves around how we look are not healthy ones! We continually compare ourselves, not only to others around us, but to unobtainable ‘ideals’ in the media. Women who have been airbrushed and preened and personal trained to within an inch of their lives – and yet, we still think that’s how we should look??

These goals end up being de-motivating by the fact we feel it’s not obtainable, and they’re not working for us. We plod away at them, begrudgingly, for a day, a week, 2 weeks if we’re really lucky, and then we give up and chastise ourselves once again for not looking how we ‘should’ look.

Why? And what can we do to stop this relentless and unkind cycle?

  1. Realise what is real and realistic. There’s no point deciding that within two months you want a yoga-honed and paleo dieted body like Jennifer Aniston if your schedule does not allow for the time needed to achieve that state.
  2. To increase your motivation, think about how you would like to look and feel and what that means to your daily life. Create an obtainable vision where you feel loved by yourself because the actions you are taking and the way you look after yourself is telling you that.
  3. What small changes can you make in your self-care regime to begin encouraging those changes? These may be small, simple steps such as drinking loads of water every day, or always having a green juice for breakfast, or doing a 20-minute workout 3 times a week, or walking outside in the fresh air after work to release your feelings of stress.
  4. Surround yourself with people who are positive and who lift you up. Often people around us can be negative, and critical of themselves and others. This is very toxic, and can leave you experiencing the same negative energy. Avoid this wherever possible and focus on positive energy.
  5. You are who you are. You are no-one else. Do not compare yourself, just appreciate your own amazing self.
  6. If your aims are around weight, be really sure to focus on your health, rather than a number on the scales! If you nourish your body and exercise for your mind, strength and flexibility, then you will enjoy what you are doing, rather than it being a chore.
  7. Fake it until you believe it! Self-confidence and body confidence does not come easily for many people. Beginning with small steps to accept how you are right now, and encouraging behaviours that build that self-belief is the best way to go. If you don’t believe it right now, then fake it, and keep telling yourself that you are great……….eventually you will believe what you are saying and you will love the skin you are in.
  8. Stop putting yourself down. Only build yourself up – catch every negative thought that tries to escape your lips or mind, and replace it with something positive – build yourself up!

These small, positive changes are sustainable and life-changing if you make them a habit. Rather than setting unmanageable goals that you fail to reach and leave you feeling even more deflated, be kind to yourself and end up feeling fantastic!

Chloe xx


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