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Bullet Journals

Are you looking for a new way to organise your business and personal life and maximise your productivity? Are you finding that you’re jumping between work diaries, personal and family schedules and your To Do List?
Whether you’ve never heard of Bullet Journals, or have tried it but it’s not working quite as you’d like it to, this workshop is for you. Over the course of the session, we will tell you everything you need to know, whilst giving you the time and space to create an organisation system that works for you.
There is no right or wrong with Bullet Journals. They can be creative and pretty, or more structured and functional – it’s entirely your choice. And they allow you to keep everything in one place, so no more need for jumping from app to list to paper diary to online planner. They also don’t have to be used as a planner or diary at all, but could be used for projects, journaling, mindful activities – the possibilities are endless.
Bullet journaling is a very mindful activity and allows you time and space to focus on yourself that you might not otherwise have had. As such, it can also be a very effective way of helping you to relieve anxiety and overwhelm.
We are really looking forward to helping you to get started with bullet journaling. Click here to view available workshops and to book 

Vision Workshops

These workshops are held at different times throughout the year to help you find some focus and clarity around where you are going with your life or business. We will look at what your main goals are, why you want to make them happen, and what life will look like when you get there. The sessions culminate in the creation of a vision board to be used as a powerful tool going forward. Click to find out more details and find bookable events 

Small Business and Corporate Workshops with We Are Tabono

As well as my coaching private practise, I am also Co-Founder of We Are Tabono.

As part of our business, we run workshops ranging from Mastermind Groups, to Business Planning and Strategy Workshops to Networking events and coworking events.

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Speaking at events and on expert panels is a passion of mine. I love bringing my unique blend of energy and enthusiasm together with my knowledge to deliver uplifting and inspiring talks to an audience. Get in touch here and we can discuss your requirements for your event. Contact Us