Chloe Leibowitz




Chloe’s sessions were so invigorating, challenging all my excuses and standard responses for not tackling my issues head on. Chloe helped me to focus again after 5 years of bringing up 2 young children whilst working and generally feeling lost. Would highly recommend Chloe


Thank you so much for helping me to unravel everything – I feel I am starting to make change in a really good way. The sessions are uplifting and enlightening – you are a fantastic coach


Through coaching, Chloe helped me to feel anything is possible, and to look beyond the barriers I have set up for myself. I have definitely gained confidence and grown as a person, and found her to be very supportive, encouraging and someone I can trust to talk openly and frankly without the fear of being judged


Tremendous! Chloe has helped me to get my ambition down on paper with a concrete action plan to follow, and she encouraged me at all times. I have truly benefited by Chloe’s calm but firm approach. She was never phased by some of the huge goals I have announced


The coaching sessions with Chloe have been immensely helpful. The questions she asked really made me think in a different way and loosened up some very fixed ideas in my head regarding what I felt I SHOULD be doing right now, and my worries about expectations from other people. Without coaching I can’t imagine how I would have reached this point, especially in such a short space of time. Thank you, Chloe


Chloe’s knowledge and wise words have become a backdrop to my life, and have enabled me to make the changes I have been wanting to make for years, a reality. Thanks to our inspirational sessions I have become more conscious about the choices I make, and I have a clearer idea of the direction I would like my life to be going in for the next few years, with the tools to make it happen

Rebecca Black

I hugely benefited from a series of phone sessions with Chloe. I wanted to focus on productivity, taking action, achieving goals, and beating my own procrastination.
Chloe is incredibly skilled at asking the right questions to fully understand any barriers and work with you to move forward, identifying things about my behavior that I didn’t even know were holding me back! She really helped me see things clearly.
Chloe is an incredible coach because – she speaks from experience, is a complete inspiration but also approachable, kind, and non-judgmental.
Time with Chloe is definitely money well spent and I would recommend her to anyone with pleasure

Rebecca Crayford

I first met Chloe at the end of 2016 just after I’d been made redundant from my job after 16 years. My plan was to set up my own personal concierge business so I could work it around my family, but after being employed all my working life, setting up my own business was daunting to say the least, and I wasn’t quite sure that I had it in me to do it. Working with Chloe gave me both the tools and the confidence that helped me realise that I could do it, and that I could embrace the challenge. So I did. And 18 months later my business is thriving, I have an amazing client base, and I love every minute of what I do! Chloe is fantastic. She listens, and completely understands the challenges that surround being a mum and running your own business and her guidance felt very personal to me – I can’t thank her enough!

Michelle Brown

“Chloe is amazing! A true professional, with a very relaxed and approachable manner and her incredibly positive outlook on life definitely rubs off on you. Chloe knows her business backwards and I really feel that after a slight detour I’m back on track, all thanks to her guiding hand. Thank you

Katy Ramirez

I had a fantastic time at Chloe’s Bullet Journaling workshop this month. We were a small group and it was a lovely, relaxed environment. Chloe explained the principles of bullet journalling then let us lose to create our own with all supplies provided for us! Would definitely recommend, 5 stars

Lindsay McLoughlin

I have just returned from Chloe’s Bullet Journaling Workshop. I was semi-familiar with the concept, but unsure how I could incorporate it into all the roles within my life. Having seen Chloe’s own journal, I was keen to attend the workshop. It was a thoroughly enjoyable and creative 4hrs. This is the sort of time I do not routinely carve out for myself, but always wished I did. I now have the beginnings of my own 2020 journal, incorporating a diary, lists, codes, inspirational ideas/motivations etc personalised to all areas of my life. It’s only the beginning, but I can’t wait to get started

Michelle Green

I have known Chloe for many years now and we have worked together in a number of different ways. I have attended lots of her workshops, always excellent and informative and I have had one to one coaching. Chloe is warm, friendly, easy to talk to, really listens and understands, she genuinely cares and gets the challenges we face as busy women trying to do it all. Her common sense support and easy nature really helped me to focus on what I wanted to achieve. You just have to have Chloe in your life!


“Sessions with Chloe are uplifting, focused, productive & inspiring!! I feel I can take on the world after our meetings”