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Chloe Leibowitz - The No. 1 Way I Use My Mind-Set To Get The Life I Want

The No. 1 Way I Use My Mind-Set To Get The Life I Want

Mind-set is POWERFUL – and we have ultimate have control over our mind-set but usually don’t realise it, or don’t know how to use it to our advantage. Instead, we allow things to happen in our lives, we say “I can’t” or “I have no choice” or “that always happens to me” – we allow these thoughts to happen – they are often negative, and they will dominate if we let them.

In my personal and professional life I have faced challenges that meant I wandered into the pool of negativity without awareness. I allowed myself to be negative – to tell other people about the difficulties I was experiencing, people who sympathised and agreed and ultimately enabled my negative feelings to be further validated, made deeper and I felt even more justified in my pity party!!

So, what’s the number 1 way I used my mind-set to make life better?

Decide how to view things. Decide to be positive. Decide to feel happy. Decide how to be. Decide how to respond. Decide what kind of day we’re going to have. Decide what Kind of future we’re going to have.

Choose to dwell on the positive (however tiny it may be), and not the negative. By choosing to see the positives, however tiny, and to believe that we have control, we can create a different reality. Those tiny positives become bigger, we feel more fortunate, we feel happier and life feels better. Those lovely friends who felt sorry for us can now enjoy more positive, uplifting conversation, and join us in our happier state of being.

Whatever your struggle is, as long as you choose to view it as a terrible situation with no positives, no choice, no way of turning things around, that’s where you will stay. We really do create our own reality and we have a way better chance of a great outcome if we believe “we can” and that life is good.

From my own personal experience I know this is not “easy”, and like many other things, it requires discipline and huge self-awareness. But, wow, it is so worth it.

Make a choice. Choose positive. Be amazed by the power you have over your well-being.

Chloe xx

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  1. Thanks for this Chloe – totally with you on this. Read an interesting article recently about how ‘positive thinking is terrible advice’ – but I think the difference is not trying to avoid how you feel in any given situation but recognising that how we feel can be exacerbated by letting our minds ruminate on the negative and recognising that our default wiring is to focus more on the negative (as a way of keeping ourselves safe). And also about how we choose to respond to feelings – it’s all too easy to fall into the middle of the dark ones but often if we practice reframing what it means to us – and see if we can find the faintest glimmer of learning – it doesn’t hit us so hard. Thanks for sharing.

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