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Hi, I’m Chloe. As a qualified Life Coach, I specialise in helping entrepreneurs and small business owners achieve more success and balance. We start by getting clear on what they want – life and in business. We then set about improving their organisation systems, implementing targeted goal setting, action taking and confidence building. I also walk my talk, using the tools and techniques that I advocate in my own life.


I live with my big combined family of 7 in Berkshire. Running 2 businesses, looking after the house, ferrying around 5 kids and enjoying a busy social life, time for myself and trips away with my husband, is quite some juggling act. I have to keep an eye on balance, and remember to look after myself as much as possible and stay organised.


My philosophy is ‘Progress not Perfection’, meaning that getting it done and out there is far better than waiting until it’s perfect. I see so many people affect their own confidence and success by holding back because things aren’t perfect. By just doing it you create momentum, building evidence of your ability, ultimately boosting your confidence and seeing progress in your life and business.


My primary services are as follows:


Private practice. Clients come to me for support with motivation, confidence, organisation, focus and goal setting amongst other things. Each client has different needs, which is why I work on the basis of an initial discussion to get to know each other and decide what approach will best suit you. Click here for further information on how we can work together.


Workshops – these happen in a variety of locations. They are 4 hour events for Bullet Journal creation or Vision Board creation. Click here to find out more.


Corporate workshops – designed to enhance team building activities and staff wellbeing. These workshops reinforce and improve fundamental skills such as communication and creativity, as well as supporting your team’s work-life balance. Examples of workshops include bullet journaling and vision boards, but can be tailored to clients’ specific requirements. Click here for further details and to enquire about a bespoke workshop.


I also run a complimentary business, We Are Tabono. This is an on-line educational programme designed for entrepreneurs and small business owners. An holistic programme, over a course of 12 months we lead particpants through both business skills and needs, whilst also focusing on wellbeing and self care to ensure you are thoroughly equipped for success.


If you want to work smarter, have downtime, create balance and build strong confidence, get in touch.

CHLOE LEIBOWITZ - this is me

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