To Journal or Not To Journal?! - Chloe Leibowitz
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To Journal or Not To Journal?!

Journaling: To Journal or Not To Journal?!

To Journal or Not To Journal?!

Journaling seems to be quite the thing to do. You see and hear about it everywhere – and the presence of so many gorgeous looking journals of all kinds in the shops is enough to get me excited!!

But, pretty stationery aside, journaling is fantastic! I always get my clients to start journaling if it is not a daily practise for them already. Why? Because it helps in so many ways with so many of the aims I have when helping clients to upgrade their habits and find a better place in their lives.

Benefits of journaling include being more mindful; feeling gratitude for what you already have in your life; celebrating the good stuff that happens on a daily basis – it really does; keeping you on track with the most important things you can do each day to keep making progress; enforcing positive habits to gradually change your mindset; maintaining accountability and helping those new habits get settled in; self-awareness and ultimately growth, and tracking progress to seeing where you are moving forward.


As for which journal you should use, well that’s all personal preference.


As for which journal you should use, well that’s all personal preference. Generally with clients I get them to use something that gives them a guide, because that is a great way to get started. But of course, you can go with a plain notebook and just write away by yourself – it is possible to find hints and tips on how to get the most out of freehand journaling. See useful links below!

Bullet Journal – my journal of choice for my personal use. If you visit the bullet journal website below, you can watch videos to see how they are used – I’m addicted!


Daily Greatness Journals are fantastic, and guide you every step of the way.


Daily Greatness Journals are fantastic, and guide you every step of the way. They have 6 different journals available, including a 12 week Health Journal that I have used before and love!

I have also previously used the 5 Minute Journal. This is a very simple, effective format – and really does only take 5 minutes, or less! The journal itself has to be shipped from the USA, however, they do also have an app!

Enjoy discovering how journaling can help you, and how you like to do it!

Chloe xx


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