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Chloe Leibowitz - Want To Feel More Positive Try My Top 10 Tips To Get You There

Want To Feel More Positive? Try My Top 10 Tips To Get You There

It’s all too easy for us to slide into a negative mindset. How many of us are self-aware enough to notice the constant internal chatter, especially the stuff that’s negative, that swirls around and affects how we feel about life and ourselves? And for that matter, we tend to do a lot of throw away negative external chatter – self-deprecating comments that feel like we’re just being ‘funny’, can actually really seep in and add to a more negative outlook and disposition, not to mention being like a leak in a pipe for our self-confidence.


So, I’ve put together my Top 10 Tips to help you bring more positivity into your day to day. Here goes, I hope something here resonates with you and allows you to find more smiles in your day.


1. Start your day with a feel-good gratitude statement. What are you grateful for today? Avoid the temptation to roll your eyes and moan about what the day might hold. Where is the happy bit in the day? The weather, a friend, wearing a new item of clothing, going for a walk, eating a delicious meal? Say it out loud, write it down in a journal, or record it on an app like The 5 Minute Journal – a great positivity record to look back on.


2. Give yourself a compliment. Get dressed, look in the mirror and compliment yourself on something, anything. Don’t start the day by putting yourself down for any reason. Speak to yourself as you would to your best friend. You deserve it.


3. Resist looking at your phone until you’ve been up at least 30 minutes. Once you do you’re faced with demands on your time, negative news, and other drains to your positivity.


4. Eat and drink to nourish your body, it will most definitely lift you and leave you feeling up, instead of lethargic and heavy.


5. Do some exercise – no-one ever regrets doing a workout of any kind. Your body is flooded with feel good endorphins, always a positivity boost!


6. Have sex!! Sorry if you’re shy about this, but it’s those endorphins again! Making time to enjoy with your other half is a brilliant way to feel more positive in your relationship.


7. Arrange something fun – whether it’s for that day or a month away, planning fun things is always a mood booster and it’s great to have positive stuff to look forward to.


8. Do something nice for someone else. You might help someone cross the road, give a compliment, or chat to a homeless person. Giving time or making a gesture of kindness without wanting anything in return will bring positivity, without a doubt.


9. Walk in nature, or dance and sing to some loud music that you love – neither of these ever fails to lift my mood. I love it.


10. Wherever possible spend time with friends or family or your tribe. who lift you up, and make you feel positive and great about who you are.


I could go on, and I’m sure you have your own to add. We can forget the simple things like this, so it’s good to keep it as a reminder. I use my bullet journal to log these types of things for quick reference (click here if you want to know about bullet Journals)


Chloe xx


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