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  • Hands up if you’re always promising yourself that today will be the day you do things differently?
  • Today will be the day you eat right.
  • Monday will be the day you start your exercise regime?
  • By the summer you will be looking like a goddess in your bikini?


This issue here is that these are all empty promises to yourself – empty because you are trying to just implement actions to achieve a result, without changing your mind-set or tackling the self-sabotage that often follows these promises.


Through my Life Coaching and Nutrition training I have the expert tools to help you change this pattern. Also, through my personal experience of losing over 3 stone in weight without any fads or tricks, I know what this journey feels like, and I know it can be done – for good!


This is me 15 years ago pre-children, and this is me now, after 2 children and a lot more life experience. I changed my mind-set, grew my self-belief and have never looked back!


Chloe Leibowitz - Health, Weight-loss and Fitness
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