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Chloe Leibowitz


I often find one of the biggest challenges when it comes to juggling my busy lifestyle is making time for me. Day to day I am juggling my large family (I have 2 children and 3 step-children), my romantic relationship with my husband, I look after the house, do the school runs and after school taxi service, and also run a business…..oh, and try to have a social life and see my lovely family sometimes too!

I’m pretty competent at finding the right ways to get everything done, and I take pride in doing a good job and feel a sense of accomplishment in getting it all sorted efficiently. Sometimes though, I fear my need to maintain control over this slick operation, and my perfectionist streak, leaves me at risk of being too controlled, feeling anxious and with not enough time to relax and switch off.

There are so many of you who will be reading this and identifying with it totally, and that’s why it’s imperative that we find the right ways to unwind, and this varies greatly from person to person. As well as unwinding, we want to remain very mindful in our juggling of the busy schedule so that we make good judgements and decisions and don’t get lost in a fog of feeling stress and anxiety.

Here are some suggestions for how you might encourage more mindfulness / relaxation / stress management / me time!

  1. Exercise – whatever form that helps you feel good and releases stress and tension whilst maintaining your health. For some it may be running or a pounding spin class, for others (my hand is up here) it may be yoga or an outdoor power walk.
  2. Meditation. Is this something you have tried? Some people will practise full meditation daily, others dip in and out, whilst you may prefer to focus more on quick and easy breathing techniques to regain calm. There are many books / apps / downloads / DVDs available out there. A recent release from a friend of mine is – there is a beautiful book available (Amazon link) as well as a brilliant app that can remind you daily to take a few minutes out.
  3. Spending time with the right people – if you do give up an hour of your precious time to sit and have a coffee with a friend, make sure it’s someone you really want to see, who will uplift you and leave you feeling positive and refreshed. If it’s not, then be brave and say no!
  4. Being in nature – maybe what works for you is just being outside in nature, drinking in a beautiful view or smelling the fresh air.
  5. One of my favourites is having some quiet time to myself in my home. So often my home is full of life and is busy with many children – which is great and lovely, but sometimes crazy! The feeling of it being peaceful, or available for me to listen to music, relax in my bed with clean sheets, or do a bit of pampering, rather than doing another load of washing, is heaven!

So, what can you plan in to make you feel refreshed and calm?

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Chloe xx

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